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Behind the Scenes

Hi folks!

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Between the septic going out, then the water freezing, and the genreal “please I’ll do anything for paying work” this time of year, I fear I haven’t been up on the posts. Well, I’m working on it! I have some cool changes I’m making to the website. Please look forward to some more academic and psychology writing of mine, and book reviews!

That’s right! Pagan books reviewed for you! I’ll look at how useful it is, well written, academic, etc, and give it a star rating. Let me know if there are any particular books you want to see reviewed. And if you have a book you wrote that you’d like reviewed, send me a copy! I’ll never recommend or rate a book I haven’t had at least some interaction with. So please contact me through email.

If you like what you see on this blog, consider sending in a question. Simply email jamiefreemantarot@gmail.com with your question, and then look forward to seeing it answered on the internet!

I would like to offer some more products for the Witchful Thinking Store. Is there anything you’d like to see added? Please let me know!

I really love this blog and interacting with you guys! Keep reading and I’ll get some interesting content out for you!


Witchful Thinking

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