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Happy Aphrodite-Nighty!

Since Valentine was a Saint, I always thought it was weird that Pagans celebrate his holiday. But I suppose it is so secularized that one hardly recognizes it as having any kind of religious overtones.

As a dedicant to Aphrodite (you can’t un-dedicate to her, by the way…), I thought it would be more appropriate to give Her honor. Much of Her traditional worship liturgy has been lost, although she gladly accepts bedroom noises as part of Her worship!

Still, there are more traditional ways. Here are some pieces She remembers:

Strong like the ocean
Gentle as the rain
Wash our tears away
Sea song, sea spray
Love us, we pray

Throned in splendor, deathless, O Aphrodite,
child of Zeus, charm-fashioner, I entreat you
not with griefs and bitternesses to break my
spirit, O goddess;

standing by me rather, if once before now
far away you heard, when I called upon you,
left your father’s dwelling place and descended,
yoking the golden

chariot to sparrows, who fairly drew you
down in speed aslant the black world, the bright air
trembling at the heart to the pulse of countless
fluttering wingbeats.

Swiftly then they came, and you, blessed lady,
smiling on me out of immortal beauty,
asked me what affliction was on me, why I
called thus upon you,

what beyond all else I would have befall my
tortured heart: “Whom then would you have Persuasion
force to serve desire in your heart? Who is it,
Sappho, that hurt you?

Though she now escape you, she soon will follow;
though she take not gifts from you, she will give them:
though she love not, yet she will surely love you
even unwilling.”

In such guise come even again and set me
free from doubt and sorrow; accomplish all those
things my heart desires to be done; appear and
stand at my shoulder.

By Sappho, trans. R. Lattimore

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