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How to Identify A Witch: Part the Second

It is so easy to mock our Salem ancestors for assuming that everything about them makes them a Witch. But how can we identify each other now? This is an ever-evolving list, like a living document, so add on your own thoughts in the comments!

A pointy hat and a cauldron also helps in identification.

So here we go, in no particular order….How to Identify a Witch!

  1. Tattoos–look to the quality and quantity of them. It’s not that we’re into pain, or anything, but we are into expressing ourselves, yes? While the fact of having some ink isn’t a dead give away, ask them why they got it and you’re likely to get a very personal and spiritual answer. I had thought to make a blog dedicated to Pagan tattoos, the symbolism and why they got them. I wish I had more ink.
  2. Long or wild hair–we aren’t known for being uptight and responsible. Many Witches I know have that curly, uncontrollable hair. I wear my hair quite long, as do many Pagan men I know. Perhaps it is our hippie ancestors coming out, or a general disregard to societies mores about personal appearance. I could go into Pauline accounts of why women should cover their hair and aren’t God-like, but who has the time.
  3. Always know the moon phase– I don’t know why it should come up in conversation, but a Witch always seems to know if we are waxing or waning. A good one will know what zodiac sign it is in and do magic accordingly. As a woman, it’s also handy to keep track of when to expect one’s menstruation.
  4. They offer a natural remedy for a problem–I love natural remedies. I often keep several salves in my purse for different skin problems, or a anti-bug spray, or some natural digestive enzymes. It is likely that the Witch has made the salve.
  5. Lots of candles–A Witch won’t mind when the power goes out, she’ll just make a romantic evening out of it! But she won’t light the candle that is consecrated for a specific spell. Nope. We are very particular about our candles.
  6. Incense in aromas other than patchouli–don’t get me wrong, I love the earthy smell of the stuff. But I also recognize there are a lot of other uses for incense besides covering up…you know.
  7. A rather large collection of books–this has always puzzled me. If Wicca is a nature religion, why the heck do we have so many books? Maybe it’s because we don’t have the “one” book, so we use lots? Well, look for subjects like mythology, herbalism, shamanism and alchemy.  And Buckland’s Big Blue book is probably a give away too…
  8. Talking to Animals–dogs, cats, birds, snakes, rats, horses…just like our witchy ancestors were accused of doing, we definitely do it. When you believe that all animals are beloved of the Gods–including ourselves–then it only seems polite to talk to them, ask them about their day, and tell them when we’ll be home. Learning to see the world from your pet’s point of view is a wonderful exercise in empathy and compassion.
  9. Rather too many rings–we call it the Pagan Brass Knuckles when you have a ring or two on each finger. I suppose we are expressing our plurality, and the silver looks really cool all together. It’s customizable, so you can change it based on the moon or the day of the week.
  10. Wears a Pentacle–this is the big give away. Look to the throat region for what one wants to keep close to their heart. Things people wear as necklaces almost always convey something they value dearly. Especially if they wear it every day. I take choosing a pentacle very seriously, and have only had three in the time I’ve been practicing Paganism to denote certain periods of my life. It’s a great way to identify each other when you don’t know how out they are. A simple “Nice necklace” can subtly say “I know who you are” and implies that you are probably one too. Then they are free to start a conversation, if they are so inclined, out of the broom closet, or have the time.
  1. KJ
    March 3, 2010 at 12:39 am

    I find @ work, i can almost certainly identify a witch by her bag (purse) usually its more of a satchel or big pocket, and more often then not, has a lot of green, or brown, and or a celtic tree some where on it. I love em!

  2. Emma Barber
    March 2, 2011 at 11:15 am

    this is the best witch website ever it tells me all about witches i think my teacher might be a witch

  3. July 19, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I have a nabhor that weeds these robes all the time and she has a pet cat its black its name is Fe Fe and she always talks to it!

  1. April 1, 2010 at 12:13 pm

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