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Some Things Don’t Belong To You: Part II

The God of All Kinds of Stuff....including thievery.

I talked in another post about how sometimes things we buy for ritual and magical purposes don’t actually belong to us. I don’t think I mentioned that sometimes things get stolen.

The other day, I went to my car and found broken glass everywhere, and the passenger side window was a big gaping hole. Someone had busted in and started taking stuff from my rather full-of-stuff car. Of course my sweetheart and I called the police. Of course they found no finger prints. Of course after he filed the report we found some other things were missing from the car.

I get taking the MP3 players. I get taking the GPS and all the accessories. What I don’t understand is taking a 15+ year old portable CD player, or my rubber rain boots, the car emergency kit, or the drum I take to festivals. What bothers me the most is he took a purse I had in there, a purse which held almost a 20 year collection of folk songs, country dances and tin whistle music. What’s he going to do with that? I fully expect it to turn up in a ditch somewhere, or a garbage can. This guy is throwing away my memories, my sense of security…and what’s he getting out of it? For $200 worth of damage, he’ll probably get $150 for everything he took. And I’m left shaking in my non-existant boots wondering where it all went wrong and why me and why now.

Of course my athame was sitting on the back seat of the car. You know. The one that’s been missing since last spring! So the lesson here is that if I want power, I have to give up my security? That doesn’t seem like a very good lesson.

A few years ago, my girlfriend Cassie had her backpack stolen while she was in Canada. There were lots of things of value to her in there. We did a spell and chanted “Bring Cassie’s black back pack back”–which was really fun to say. A week later, she got a call from the border guard, saying someone had left it there. Everything of value to her was still inside. It was a freaking miracle.

Part of me wants to do a spell like that, although I suspect much of the power was in the words of the chant itself, and I’m not sure how to make “bring back the contents of my car” sound clever. But the other part of me doesn’t care very much–it is just stuff after all. I can get another MP3 player, I wasn’t using the CD player, and it was time to update the GPS technology anyway. Of course it comes at a time when I’m holding my breath waiting for my tax rebate which will probably never come and I haven’t been working much. Replacing these items will take a long time as the window is first priority. I’m not looking forward on spending my hard-earned money to fix my car window that some other asshole broke.

What I’ve taken out of this is that I need to have a visit with Hermes. Maybe I could do some things better so that I don’t look like an easy target. Maybe he wants me to give him something. Really, I would have rather bought a new athame than a new car window. I wonder what Karma this is and why anyone deserves this.

I hope they catch this fool. I hope I get some of my stuff back. I hope the window gets fixed soon because it really sucks to drive with a plastic bag creating a blind spot the size of a VW bug. Ultimately, I hope whatever lesson I was supposed to learn…well, I hope I learned it right the first time!

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