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[God Oracle] Introduction

Dear Talented, Brilliant Readers of Witchful Thinking,

So, I’ve been working on this project for a lot longer than I care to explain, and I wanted to start sharing it with you for several reasons:

  1. I think it might interest you and you might enjoy it.
  2. I need a kick in the pants to get it done, and if you are waiting for it, I’m more likely to do it.
  3. You all have such wonderful experiences and points of view that I really want your thoughts on it.

So here’s what I’m doing. I have this wonderful Goddess Oracle deck that I use in my magical studies, but they never came up with a God Oracle, so I’m doing it! While the deck focuses on masculine archetypes, is it by no means only for men. I am, after all, a woman writing the deck, but I’m also a pre-service counselor and a human being. So I think the lessons and interpretations will be applicable to lots of people. The deck is for personal enrichment as much as it is for educational and oracular purposes.

So, periodically, I will release an entry in the deck for you to take a look at. Please be advised that everything is up for criticism and review, and should not be considered a final draft by any means. I want your feedback, and will definitely take it into consideration as I polish up the writing.

I have submitted the deck as a proposal to Llewellyn, but that was back in January and I haven’t heard a thing from them. I can’t tell if they are unimpressed, uninterested, or simply haven’t gotten around to looking at it.

The vision for the deck is a beautiful deck of cards with a book to accompany it. At this time, I do not have an artist committed to this work. I am negotiating with a few to see where there interests and talents lie. If you are an artist looking to collaborate on a long-term spiritual endeavor, please email me a bit about you and a few samples from your portfolio. Please keep in mind that if I do not find a publisher, I will most likely self-publish. I intend to make everyone money with this endeavor.

Of course, when I publish it here on teh interwebs, you will be the first to see and enjoy it. Please be advised I am very sensitive to copyright infringement. Do not distribute this with another person’s name on it, don’t publish it in another format. Feel free to use it for your OWN spiritual practice (by copying it to your computer, for example), but please do not distribute it. Rather, point them in the direction of this blog. If you are a publisher or an artist interested in this project, please email me or comment below.

BTW, I’m adding images to the posts mostly for research purposes. Since the deck has no artist, the images belong to their respective copyright owners. My use of these images on the website falls under “Fair Use” terms as I will not be publishing these images with my oracle deck. Clear as mud, yes?

Thank you for your time and attention, and enjoy the beginnings of The God Oracle.


Jamie Freeman

Witchful Thinking Author and Blogmistress

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