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[NBA Project] Questionnaire for Pagan Mental Health Counselors

Questionnaire for Pagan Mental Health Counselors

Please fill out this questionnaire to the best of your knowledge and ability. Please Email your response to JamieFreemanTarot@gmail.com. Put “NBA response” in the subject line so you do not end up in my junkmail folder. Your name and email will be kept confidential, but your responses will be gathered and reported on http://www.witchfulthinking.wordpress.com.

  1. First, please identify your level of training and how you interact with the Pagan community. For example, I am working on a MA in Professional Counseling and interact with Pagan clients on an individual level for mentoring. I plan on opening a private practice aimed at the community.
  2. What problems do you see your Pagan clients and friends facing right now?
  3. What top three problems are the most urgent, severe and pressing?
  4. How do you, personally, address these problems in your practice?
  5. What problems need more attention, resources and programs to alleviate?
  6. Do you recommend clients use federal, state and local resources to help address these problems?
  7. Are you aware of any specifically Pagan organizations that address these problems?
  8. Why do you, or why do you not not, use these resources? What advantages or disadvantages do you see with these programs?
  9. What professional services would best address this problem?
  10. Would ordained Pagan clergy be helpful in this matter? How could they best serve here?
  11. What would be the ideal way to address the problems you see and experience in your community?
  12. Would you be willing to volunteer or donate money to support a program like that? How could you support such a program?
  13. May we contact you about program or service to the community in the future?
  14. Any other ideas, information or advice surrounding this issue?

Thank you for your voice and participation in this study. A preliminary report will be on the website by May 2010.

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