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SpiralScouts Fundraisers

Along with the deer, birds and flowers, the SpiralScouts too are emerging from their Hearths and circles to back out into the world. Soon there will be camping, cookouts and fun in the sun. SpiralScouts is a co-ed scouting group for Pagan children and their families which teaches a love for the Earth in fun activities that include earning badges and pins.

With more activities to go to, it means more funds are needed, and the SpiralScouts International has come up with a few really great fundraiser ideas.

First of all, you can always send your tax-deductable donation straight to headquarters, but if you’re anything like me, you love buying cool stuff that also helps out a good cause.

Moms, dads, grandparents, caretakers and other volunteers might like to purchase a new T-shirt to show their SpiralScout spirit. CafePress has offered to print the shirts, pins and other cool stuff as needed, and donates part of the proceed to this group.

They also have a handful of neat books and CDs that might appeal to the Pagan youngster in your life.

There is a Pagan activity book created by our friend Amber K, and a CD of really fun music that is decidedly great for the whole family—perfect for getting everyone to the festival!

Two books by Miles Batty are for sale: “The Green Prince’s Father” which is perfect for youth and teaches about sacrifice and what it means to be a man; and “Teaching Witchcraft: A guide for Teachers and Students of the Old Religion”, a complete Wicca 101 course!

There is a new book “Magic for the Kitchen Witch” by Deanna Anderson. These items cost between $10-30, so there is something for every price range. Most of them cost less than if you had bought them off Amazon! A great deal all around!

And one more thing…Don’t need a book or CD? Not Pagan?  Make a purchase from Mother Earth Fundraising. The site has wonderful eco-friendly products and information that can benefit anybody. If you choose to, SpiralScouts will get a portion of the proceeds as a donation. To credit SpiralScouts International, when you go to the opening page, under “Shop Now”, select North Carolina and then SpiralScouts International. Or you can ask your local Circle Leader if they have a seller account and their Circle can be credited as well!

Product Description:

Follow the pagan Green Man through the cycle of the year, as he grows from young Prince to proud King to sacrificial deity. “The Green Prince’s Father” is written for younger readers, to offer a first-hand understanding of the significance of the Sabbats and the annual cycle of life and rebirth.

88 pages

Book Excerpt:

The Forest was alive with celebration as preparations were made. A clearing near a stream was chosen as the perfect place, flower garlands were carefully strung, and the ground picked clean of sharp rocks or twigs. The Green Prince was given a special cloak of oak leaves and ivy, flowers were hung in his antlers, and people’s fur and feathers were washed extra carefully. The birds made sure that the clouds were especially friendly today, and the sun was invited.

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