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[Poetry] In honor of Father’s Day

I am honored to be loved by many men, and I have several whom I consider my father. My father who gave me genes is a grounded, down-to-earth working man, while the dad who raised me is well-educated and from a more conservative background. It’s not that we fight, but rather that we agree to disagree. Coming to terms with that has been one of the challenges of becoming an adult that I’ve actively worked on. He knows I’m Pagan, but I’m not sure he quite knows what that means and what it means to me. I wrote this poem from his perspective. Do you have parents like this?


You know how I feel about you
My undisciplined
Unconventionally educated
Controversial book reading
Anti-American hippie
Child of mine.

I served time so you could
Burn the flag
Threaten ideology.

Ok, so I didn’t fight in war
But I would have
Because it is my duty
Your duty
As an American Citizen.

When did you lose your morals?
Trade your free-speech amendment
For Jesus
Before you hurt someone.

You are saving yourself until marriage.
So it must have been a virgin birth
Which produced a grand-baby
At my young age.

You will be home by 10
Or there will be strict punishment
Just like my father told me:
I can’t trust you
If you don’t follow
My rules.

But you know how I feel about you:
My free-spirited
Rowdy alcoholic
Child of mine.

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  1. Jesse
    January 1, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    pagans are dumb

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