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Emotional Shielding

Dear Witchful Thinking,

I’m a college student and I’m home for the summer. Unfortunately, my home has become a very negative place. Can you give me any tips on emotional shielding?


Dear Anon,

Coming home from college can be a tough transition. You are used to running your own schedule and having your own space. It is a time when you explore who you are as an individual outside your family, and then coming home can be a difficult experience. Sometimes our folks aren’t honestly ready for us to leave, because as far as they are concerned, you’re still their baby. Sometimes you come back and find that things aren’t the same. For parents, having a kid out of the house gives them room to look at their relationship, and they don’t always like what they see.

Whatever the reason, there are several ways you can shield yourself from negativity:

  • Shield Yourself. Create a charm or amulet–something you can wear. A Pentacle works perfect for this: start at each of the corners and trace it with your athame, wand or finger. Visualize the power of earth, air, fire, water and spirit protecting you. See yourself wearing it, and a protective egg around you that lets in only good and safe energy. Imagine any negativity simply bouncing off harmlessly, to be transformed into something else later. You can raise some energy into it by chanting, humming, soaking it in the moonlight or sun, or whatever seems appropriate to your spell. Whenever you wear it, you know that eggshell of energy is protecting you. When things get rough, touch or pull gently on it, to release the protection and remind you that you are safe.
  • Shield Your Space. If you have your own room, or a place that you call yours in your parents house, consider making it a sanctuary. First, clean the heck out of it! You can burn some sage and let the sacred smoke banish the negative vibes, but beware that the smoke sometimes smells like marijuana! Another option is cedar or sweetgrass. You can usually pick these things up at a New Age or metaphysical store. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you might be able to find a dry piece of cedar outside. Or consider aspirging with sea salt water. Once your space is vibrationally clean, cast a semi-permanent circle. Using your athame, wand or projective hand, draw a circle around your room. Visualize the energy surrounding it and making a 3-D bubble. Draw the energy up from the Earth. Give this boundary a purpose, that is keep out all negativity, that negativity inside be dissolved away, and that love and safety shall prevail in the circle. Consider decorating it to reflect that serenity, or create an altar to hold the energy of safety. When the energy of the room feels good, draw a door on top of your door, and tell the circle that you want to be able to come and go freely, with the door acting as a permeable barrier that still keeps out negativity. Should someone burst in your room and spill their negativity everywhere, you can always clear it out again. Remember the more energy you put into your visualizations, the stronger they become. When the break is over, and it is time to go back to college, take down your sacred space–it takes energy to sustain it, and the distance between home and college will make it tiresome.
  • Shield your Astral Self. If you are adept at meditating, consider this idea. Go to the Astral Plane and shield yourself there. Ask any entities for advice or insight into the problem. Try visiting a deity you work closely with and see if they have any thoughts. Ask them to protect you in the physical and Astral worlds.
  • Actively Banish the Yuck. You can use a Mudra to banish the negativity and calm yourself. Choose a hand gesture that is subtle and easy to remember, perhaps the thumb and forefinger squished together so the hand resembles a dog, or make an OK sign. Whatever you choose, go into a meditative state and “program” your Mudra to your needs. Again, visualize yourself being safe and secure, protected from negativity whenever you do the hand gesture. With this programed, you have only to make the gesture, and you will feel its effects! Be sure to be specific when you program.
  • Try the Mundane. Magic always works better when paired with a mundane manifestation of your desire. If there is conflict in the house, it is ok to face it. Problems rarely go away on their own, and if you address it and bring it into the light, so to speak, it is much more likely to be addressed. Even if you can’t actually do anything about it, you can gently voice your concerns, talk over how you feel and how it affects you. People don’t always consider how their problems affect other people. Maybe there is something you could do to make the problem better, but don’t get tangled up in someone elses mess! Unfortunately, people have to learn their lessons on their own. The best you can do is tend to your own life lessons.

I hope that gives you enough to get through the summer. Good luck with this situation! Remember that college is right around the corner.

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