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[Review] Amber K’s True Magick

“True Magick” by Amber K.

I found the book extremely useful when it comes to the theory and philosophy behind magick. But if I wanted to start learning how to do something right away, it would be rather useless. I guess it’s got some pre-made spells in it, after she went on a tirade about how useless grimoires and spell “recipies” are to the uninitiated magician.

I rather like that she uses the modern spelling of ‘magick’ with a ‘k’ (just like Crowley did, to differentiate between stage illusions and what we’re talking about), but she took it too far by writing “magickians”. It’d be pronounced differently: “magick-ee-ans” vs. “magi-shan-s”. Anyhoo, it drove me crazy.

Amber K never adequately explains what she’s trying to do with the book, and because of that, the title and contents may be misleading. The book makes out like she’s writing a book for beginning magicians (sorry, I can’t bring myself to spell it like she does), but really she’s writing a book of Wiccan magick, based on Western magickal traditions, Dianic/Feminist Wicca a la Starhawk, and folk magick that Wiccans in the United States have adopted and claimed as their own. This reads like a primar for a specific Wiccan tradition, rather than one on magick for anyone who wants to study magick. But it’s a very modern system that seems to be in use by most Wiccans I know. This book goes the extra step by exploring the different contributions and by working out the philosophies behind them. Wiccan theology is worked in very well.

I found the book a pretty easy read, but thought the organization was weird. I think I’d find it hard to refer to, althought the glossery is very thorough. I liked the way she worked in her own stories, and I wish she’d put in a little more. I thought her premade spells were uninspired, but at least they were a little different from each other (unlike many books in which the spells are all variations on the same idea).

This book neglected to describe the wonderful variation that magickal practice can take, from art projects to mediation and petition. So I felt like I didn’t have much practical knowledge after reading this book. Still, I feel it is a great companion book for a beginning magick class and provides sorely needed commentary that most beginning magick books leave out.

4 out of 5 stars!

Now there is a second edition! Of course, it’s not the one at the library or on the shelf. Has anybody read the second edition? Would you like to comment on it??

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