Tarot Reading

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  • *AA from WISE school of Wiccan Sciences. – well-versed in a variety of Craft traditions including spellwork, herbalism, dream interpretation, astrology, and mythology.
  • *1st Degree in the Antiquarian Tabernacle Church tradition of Wicca. – a very strict Gardnerian tradition with a focus on education.
  • *BA in English Literature – well-versed in literary criticism, symbolic evaluation, and quotation.
  • *Minor in Humanities/Liberal Studies – student of art, ideas, civilization, philosophy, religion, and what it means to be human.
  • *Graduate student of Teaching – completed all classwork except the internship and thesis. Focused in secondary English education, I know how people learn and the best ways to teach them.
  • *Graduate student in Professional Counseling – currently learning about human development, personal relationships, psychology, and techniques to work through mental health crisis.

Why Get a Tarot Reading?

Tarot is a tool to tell us where we are in the world, what actions and events mean for us, and what we can do about it. It tells the future based on what would happen if things continued the way they are headed. For the most part, the future is not fixed–we have the power to choose how things affect us, the power to do magic to prevent negativity and attract positive things, and to make action that works towards our personal goals. When life is confusing and seems to have no meaning, or you want to know what is happening behind the scenes, then a tarot reading is ideal.

My Expert Service

**Love, Career, Hopes, Fears, Your Life** Providing ethical, intuitive advice through the wisdom of the Tarot. I provide down-to-earth spiritual counseling to EMPOWER YOU to make your own decisions. Don’t let a stranger make decisions for you! I will help you find your own answers. I type fast and use complete sentences in chat situations.I am available via email using PayPal, and via LivePerson (click on the link below to get started!). If you live in the Tacoma area, we can arrange a meeting for a live consultation. Every reading combines my sense of intuition, knowledge of witchcraft, counseling philosophies and teaching skills.

Rates for Services

  • Readings begin with a FLAT FEE of $30, and take anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes. This is for one question or focus and only applies to one person.
  • Each additional question is $10.
  • Rent my services! $70/hr (two hour minimum if it is over 20 miles from my home). Most other tarot readers charge over $100/hr! This is ideal for bachelorette parties, Victorian teas, divorce parties, birthdays, and other events! The benefit of renting is that it is less expensive to pay by the hour than to purchase each individual a reading. there is no person or question limit.
  • A personal reading a day in your inbox! A bit of information to tell you how your day is going to go, and the energies you have to work with. Includes some advice to help you cope or take advantage of the days energies via affirmation, mini-spell, or quotation. An enjoyable pick- me-up for only $15/month! Or get a 6-month subscription for only $75! Or get a 12-month subscription for a mere $150!!
  • Subscribe!
    1 Month Subscription $15.00 6 Month Subscription $75.00 1 Year Subscription $150.00

  • Liveperson Expert Advice is a wonderful service with a chat program and an email question service. This is ideal if you want a dream interpretation, need advice on a spell or ritual, or need to talk to a person (perhaps you have a complicated question). Cost is $3.50/minute (much less than other psychics there, but feel free to check them out too).
  • Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson

  • Year Long predictions in your in-box! A description of the energies available to you and what you can expect each month, written for you personally and emailed to you. Includes some advice to help you cope or take advantage of the months energy via affirmation, mini-spell, or quotation. Ideal as a Samhain or New Years treat for you, or as a gift from a friend! Get them all at once, or emailed once a month: $50
  • Call me on Keen!

    Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson

    Experience & Qualifications

    • Read tarot professionally at Liveperson and on eBay since 2004.
    • Read tarot professionally at Keen since 2006.
    • Over 14 years of private study.
    • Professional readings at conventions and booths since 2005.
    • Student of Wicca since 2002.
    • Healing Hearts Psychic Fair since 2008.

    My Philosophy

    I don’t like the word “psychic” because it brings to mind old frauds who come to town looking to grab money and leave before the town’s folk realize they’ve been duped. I prefer the word intuitive. A psychic is supposed to know all the answers, but an intuitive can get a feel for the individual client and talk directly to them. Why would some stranger know more about your life than you do? Aren’t you the expert on you? I believe so. My readings are based on the wisdom of the tarot, of my experience using it as a tool for healing. My advice is based on time-honored wisdom of philosophy and religion, but also the scientifically supported methods of therapy and counseling. I don’t get my knowledge out of thin air, I get it from you, and I balance our discussion with the wisdom of the tarot, my intuitive sense about you, and the wisdom I get from the Gods. I don’t see or talk to angels because I don’t vibe that way, and I prefer to give you useful, practical wisdom that you can apply to your life now. I’m interested in your personal growth and spiritual insights, but can access those mundane questions too.

    I believe we are responsible for ourselves, our decisions, our actions and our lives. I believe you have the power to heal yourself, and I have knowledge to help you do so. I believe we all get uncertain and stumble, and have the right to ask for help and advice when we need it. I believe we all have the right to disagree with each other in a respectful way. I believe in, and support, your right to be an individual whether you are gay, straight, androgynous, transgendered, male, female, unknown or both. I believe ones heritage is important to their identity, and I respect the different communities that people belong to, and honor differing perspectives.

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