NBA Project

Welcome to the Pagan Needs Based Assessment Project!

Dear Pagan Community,

I am a student at Amridge University in the MA in Professional Counseling department. I am conducting a qualitative Needs-Based survey that I need your help with. Perhaps you have found the survey through a list or from a friend and it has led you here. Thank you for choosing to learn more about the project. Please utilize the links to find out more information and details about this project.

In brief, our diverse community is growing and changing. We have gone from secretive coven groups, to solitary practitioners and even organized ourselves into churches, groves and informal local communities. We are becoming strong in our identity and lifestyle as Pagans, Witches, Heathans, Wiccans, Eclectics, or however we choose to identify. While some of us interact with the “mundane” world for our needs, others of us have broken away entirely, finding it hard to negotiate between the magical worldview and the prevailing American monoculture that surrounds us. For many of us, we have beliefs and activities that we choose to keep private, lest our employers and neighbors find out, while others are out and living openly in service to the community.

What we lack are places to go and get help when we need it. The economy has hit us just as hard as it has hit the rest of the population, and many of us are struggling with the basic essentials of food and shelter. Still others struggle with mental illness, depression and health problems. The need for community has never been greater.

In an effort to help support each other, I am conducting a Needs-Based Assessment of this community. The results will be accessible to the community so that we can work together to solve these problems on a local and national level. This is the first step to organizing helping services that meet the unique needs of our spiritual community. Not only are we identifying our needs, but our own strengths, and bringing them together to solve our own problems. We are the change we wish to see in the world!


I am conducting a survey to find out what the Pagan community needs. I am asking three categories of Pagans–practitioners, mental health counselors, and clergy–to identify needs in the Pagan community and to brainstorm solutions to these problems. The survey is designed to bring these ideas to the forefront. It is a qualitative self-assessment. Through data collection, we can get a grass-roots answer from the community and identify strengths and skills the community already has, and respond to the skills that are lacking. The data can then be used to give direction to groups who want to help the others.

The survey results will be collected throughout the month, and posted here on this blog in May 2010.

To Take the Survey

Please answer to the best of your abilities. Take the survey that best fits your identity: practitioner, mental health counselor, or clergy. Copy and paste the survey to an email and fill it out. When you have completed the brief questionnaire, send it in the body of an email to: Please put “NBA Response” in the subject line so you do not go in my junkmail folder. Feel free to pass on this link to those who might be interested.


Jamie Freeman


The survey has been evaluated, albeit with less data than I would have liked. The next task will be to write it up academically and submit it to a journal. Read the results here.

  1. Lou
    April 14, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Would lijke to do the survey. Cut and paste are not my only problems Where is the survey?

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