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The Supernatural

January 1, 2010 2 comments

Ok. I guess I didn’t cover the supernatural enough in the post Facing the Darkness. So let’s talk about that.

So…what exactly is the supernatural? I hate the word. It brings to mind alien abductions, Atlantis, ghosts waking you up in the middle of the night, being transported to alternate realities, and superstitions. The word literally means “beyond nature” and implies phenomenon that is beyond natural law. The word inherently has judgment in it as it means “departing from what is usual or normal”.

But I’m a Witch. I’ve traveled between the worlds. I know that we can travel to other places that only exist outside of time through astral travel, shaman journey and meditation. I know that ghosts are all around us. I’ve not experienced aliens, but I’ve had encounters with Godforms and spirits. What I don’t get is what is so unusual about all that. After all, 99.99% of the population (really, I’m only excluding these people, who shouldn’t attempt it) can do it, and humans have been doing it as long as we’ve been in this state of consciousness.

In fact, I’ve found that the natural laws mostly do apply in the spiritual or astral realms, if we expand our ideas of what these laws are. If we think like Newton, and suppose that time only moves linearly towards some ultimate end in a universe that we can see and observe, then supernatural phenomenon are indeed beyond nature. However, if we think more in line with today’s quantum mechanics, we learn that, sometimes, you can travel through matter, and that there is something in the space between things that we don’t understand, and that particles can actually be in two places at once. Scientists know that observation and expectation changes the outcome of the experiment. So telekinesis? Child’s play! There is nothing here outside of natural law. It’s just that we haven’t understood natural law until very recently.

Some people vibe with certain aspects of the supernaturalism more than others. There was a time when I saw a lot of ghosts, but couldn’t talk to them. I was in a funny place in my life then–a kind of liminal space. So it’s not really surprising that I saw things that lay between ordinary perceptions of reality. Now I’m the last person in the room to see a ghost. Truth is, I don’t have much desire to see them anymore. I’m more focused on learning about my self, the nature of what it means to be human, and in accessing the Gods. I have a very different mission in life than I did when I saw apparitions falling out of windows and crying in stairwells.

We’ve had the light/dark discussion already. I don’t think you can attract something unless you already believe in it. People who are haunted by ghosts already believe in ghosts, on some level. Not to say they aren’t real (what is real anyway?), but they won’t vibe on your frequency, so they might as well not be real to you. For that reason, I choose not to believe in demons. I think the world is dark enough without inviting that kind of energy into your life.

You can see why maybe one wouldn't be into this...

They are pervasive in our literary past and in our culture, but I choose not to make them real for me. That means when something goes wrong in my life, I don’t even think about blaming it on demons or ghosts or aliens, but look for other explanations that fit within my worldview. But I also work on expanding my worldview. So at once we are open to encounters spiritual beings and magical energy while we deny other parts of it. Hmm…maybe this is an area that I need to work on.

So the supernatural is a paradox. It exists as surely as a table does, but isn’t real for some people because it is beyond their world view. As a Wiccan, I’m comfortable with paradox, and absolutely believe something can be there and not there at the same time. It’s all part of the whole, you see.