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[Poetry] Children of Spring

Grey skies veil the Sun

Rain offers no nourishment

All the green is gone.

In her concealment—

Taken by the Lord of Death—

Love is her best achievement.

Stolen with a last breath,

With a kiss, Persephone

Descends in her depths.

A last snow flurry:

Demeter lets her grief go.

Earth begins to breathe.

“Daughter! My dear own!”

Mother loves Daughter too well,

Goddess-hood bestowed.

To the return of Spring: Hail!

To little Kore: Farewell.

* “Kore” in Greek means “maiden”, which often refers to the girl Persephone before she is taken to the Underworld.

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Gods in the Modern World: Artemis

I was chatting with my sweetheart and thinking about the Gods, as one does. I wondered about Gods in the modern world, especially after reading American Gods and the Percy Jackson series.

I was thinking about Artemis, and how she often uses a bow to go on hunts in the woods with her female companions. But in the modern world, and tell me what you think….would she use a gun instead? I mean, would she translate to a shotgun toting, camo-wearing country dweller out for a prize buck?

My sweetheart says no, that it wouldn’t be sportly. The purpose of the bow isn’t power, it’s the sportswomanship of the chase. Still, I’m sure she would appreciate some fine tools.

Consequently, dear Artemis, may I present you with this:

This, friends, is the Browning Micro Midas (not THAT Midas!), designed with to be used by all abilities and ages, you can select the perfect bow for your ability and needs. It’s cool, it’s fast, it’s quality. And I bet Artemis already has it.